1. Transform Your Field Service Organization: The Lippert And Salesforce Story

    Field Service is undergoing a major disruption, with new technologies challenging business processes. Hear from Lippert Components about how they are transforming their field service organization and incorporating IoT, to ultimately change the game for their customers.

  2. 2017 North American Mobile Workforce Management Customer Value Leadership Award

    There is perhaps no industry more competitive, and more impacted by new emerging technology, than today’s service industry. To meet these challenges there has been significant growth in mobile workforce management (often called field service management) solutions. For a mobile workforce management solution to be effective, it must balance user friendliness with robust features, customer experience with technician productivity, and ultimately offer significant value and ROI.

  3. Housing Leader Taps Mobile Computing To Boost Automation And Customer Service

    Affordable housing developer Dominium is in the process of doubling in size, with plans for 40,000 units by 2025. Yet a manual, time-intensive work order-management and apartment inspection process hampered field staff. The company set out to ratchet up operational efficiency and worker productivity in a bid to deliver enhanced service to its residents at a faster clip.

  4. Total Cost Of Ownership: Important Considerations When Comparing Rugged And Consumer Mobile Devices

    Mobile computing is becoming more prevalent in the enterprise today as consumers ranging from executives in the C-Suite to forklift operators in a warehouse use a mobile computing device to carry out their jobs. Mobility is the key to advancement, power, and efficiency for both consumers and companies.

  5. Essential Technologies For Mobile Field Service Management

    Well-oiled field service organizations are invaluable. They drive higher profitability, top-quality services/products and enviable customer experience. To keep them running at peak efficiency and effectiveness, you have to invest in enabling technologies. As Aberdeen found, best-in-class service businesses are three times more likely than others to have increased their technology spend.

  6. Professional's Roadmap: Evaluating Mobile Technology The Right Way

    How to Select Everything You Need for Your Environment the First Time Around.

  7. Gulfport Energy Saves Time and Money With New Field Data Collection Apps

    Gulfport Energy is an independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company, headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. To best serve its shareholders, the company is using technology to reduce costs while the market is tight and prepare for the inevitable rebound. Gulfport puts geographic information system (GIS) technology at the core of many critical activities and operations conducted in the office and the field.

  8. Using Mobile-Based Surveys For Storm Damage Assessment

    When a series of storms rolled through Harrison County, West Virginia, one Sunday evening, it left substantial wind damage in its wake. As the storms battered his region, Paul Bump, director of Harrison County Emergency Services, started contemplating a plan of action.

  9. The Route To More Efficient Inspections

    Every morning, six inspectors leave their homes in Pima County, Arizona, to visit anywhere between five and sixteen houses or buildings. Before they go, each inspector downloads a route that’s been strategically designed to account for the time it will take to drive to the site and perform the inspection.

  10. Utilities Kingston Manages Meter Inspections And Replacements With GIS Solution

    As  part  of  its  unique  multiutility  model—delivering water, wastewater, gas, and electricity services—Utilities Kingston provides safe and reliable gas services to nearly 15,000 customers in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The company routinely inspects customer appliances and replaces gas meters.