Case Study

With Inventory In Constant Motion, YAK MAT Leverages OutSystems To Simplify Processes

Source: OutSystems Inc.

Access mat supplier YAK MAT needed a new ERP to track their vast inventory that’s spread across multiple supply yards and always on the move. OutSystems allowed them to build a customized ERP with all the integration and automation features they needed, and now, suppliers, customers, and the business are enjoying increased efficiency.

3 developers, 12 months, 250 active users

A Massive Mobile Inventory in Need of an ERP

Challenge - When your inventory is comprised of hundreds of thousands of hardwood access mats that constantly move across North America, you need a specialized ERP to manage it. For U.S. supplier YAK MAT, their legacy systems weren’t cutting it and needed to be replaced, but their mobile inventory meant every ERP solution they evaluated required major customization. They needed automation to simplify the process along with simplified searching capabilities to ensure their business could operate efficiently both in the office and out in the field. Their new ERP would have to be extended to support mobile inventory apps through APIs and deliver specialized capabilities to manage the shipping and distribution of its products.