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Why Your Firstline Workers Aren't Using Digital Tech The Right Way—And How To Fix It

Source: Venado Technologies
Field Service Worker Skills

Most firstline mobile workforces of today have a varied makeup including veterans who’ve been on the job for decades, inexperienced workers recently out of school, and everyone in between. When you combine new digital solutions firstline workers must use with the diverse workforce and growing skills gap, many organizations are facing a significant training challenge.

This guide explores that challenge, including why it exists and how to fix it.

The challenge with firstline workers and technology

Firstline mobile workers increasingly rely on technology to do their jobs, whether it be handheld devices to scan inventory, hands-free augmented reality headsets to increase efficiencies or any other digital solution. Initial and ongoing training is a must for technology solutions, but many organizations struggle here.

The impact of today’s employment dynamic

Today’s employment dynamics make technology more important than ever for firstline workforces. Near- historic low unemployment is making it hard to fill roles, particularly with skilled workers. At the same time, the workforce is aging into retirement, and organizations are losing critical skills and expertise.