Article | October 2, 2019

Why The Future Of Field Service Is Connected

Source: Salesforce

By Karen Mehal, Salesforce

How NB-IoT And LTE-M Fit Into The IoT Ecosystem: The Future Of Cellular IoT

On stage at a conference recently, I asked the audience, “How many of you connect your field workers to a 360-degree view of your customers?” Out of hundreds of people, only one person raised his hand. Ouch.

Customers expect field service to have up-to-date information and be connected to your business via mobile in case any questions come up. Case histories should be accessible by everyone involved in the service experience, including mobile workers, to ensure a successful visit. And yet, many field service workers still rely on paper and calls to the office to do their work. Real-time data has permeated almost every aspect of every industry except B2B field service. Why is that? Shouldn’t B2B organizations provide service that is at least comparable to what customers get with B2C? If I can see when my $7 pizza will be delivered by looking at my phone, why can’t I see when my $4,000 air conditioner will be delivered?

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming part of the business world. Field service can benefit, but there seems to be a lack of consensus on the subject. How can leaders like you achieve greater alignment throughout your organization around the importance of a complete view of the customer on a mobile device for field service?

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