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07.08.19 -- Why IoT Projects Fail: Six Critical Capabilities You Need To Consider

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5 Steps To Successful Servitization
Submitted by Microsoft

Servitization is one logical step in the transformative journey of how companies work with customers and generate revenue. In the not-too-distant past, a manufacturing company likely focused on the sale of its products — say, an industrial-strength drill — as a stand-alone offering. Service contracts represented a cost to the company. When products failed, it was considered too expensive for a product-focused company to service its own equipment. Companies allowed third-party vendors to provide the service contracts, while the companies generated revenue solely from the products themselves.

CFO’s Guide To Field Service Management Software
Submitted by Astea International

Service-driven companies are being tasked with not just creating revenue growth, but generating more profitable revenue growth. Learn how field service management software can enable top-line revenue growth, improved customer retention, and a recurring return on investment.

Why IoT Projects Fail: Six Critical Capabilities You Need To Consider
Submitted by KORE

Despite the rising and rapid pursuit of IoT by companies across virtually every industry, the complexity of this new world of technology continues to outpace its potential. As organizations attempt to navigate the unforeseen intricacies of the IoT ecosystem, challenges arise and businesses suffer from delayed time-to-market, slowed revenue realization, technology incompatibilities, budget overruns, and even complete project failures.


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