Newsletter | November 27, 2019

11.27.19 -- Why Digitization Is Not Automation

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thyssenkrupp Embraces Digital Transformation For A Better Future
By Caglayan Arkan, Microsoft

Technology is evolving at breakneck speed, and many manufacturers are struggling to keep pace. But for companies that fail to innovate quickly, the consequences are dire—they’re putting their survival at risk. thyssenkrupp AG fully understands the crucial role technology plays in modern manufacturing. That’s why six years ago, the organization began to transform its business from the inside out, starting a quest to gain greater efficiencies that would provide more customer value and differentiate the company from its competitors.

Why Digitization Is Not Automation
Submitted by Zinier

Field service has a problem. Mountains of paperwork, limited visibility into the field, and slow, manually driven processes are stifling growth — and opening the door for automation. Find out where digitization is falling short and how field service organizations can use AI-driven automation to solve today’s challenges of speed and scale.

Customer Experience Executive's Agenda 2020: How To Satisfy The Empowered Customer
Submitted by Astea International

Improving customer satisfaction is the number one priority driving the CX executive agenda in 2020. This means meeting and exceeding rapidly changing buyer expectations to retain existing buyers and acquire new ones. Complementing this goal are several other key objectives, including increasing brand awareness and loyalty, which requires firms to first create happy customers to drive sustainable gains in this area.

Traditional Knowledge Management Doesn't Work For Service
Submitted by Aquant

The goals of enterprisewide knowledge management systems (KMS) are noble. However, compared to KMS, smart AI tools are a more cost-effective solution for professional learning that can be quickly implemented and will never go stale. Here’s why AI-powered technology is the key to empowering service pros at every skill level.