Article | June 19, 2019

Why Digital Solutions For Firstline Mobile Workforces Fail—And How To Do It Right

Source: Venado Technologies
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Industrial operations leaders often face critical challenges related to their field workers, from improving efficiency to reducing accidents to improving the customer experience. Digital solutions can be the answer, but only if designed and executed properly—and many initiatives fail due to missing essential steps in the process. Learn the benefits of approaching technology initiatives as a continuous lifecycle, rather than a one-off project, in this resource.

3 critical steps

An effective technology solution should incorporate three critical steps using a lifecycle approach (what we call a digital evolution cycle) rather than a “one-and-done” mentality. Missing any of these phases prevents a solution from achieving its desired business results.

Reason #1 initiatives fail: Skipping strategy & planning
Technology should solve a specific problem, with measures of success clearly defined. When you skip this step and go right to building a solution, you miss out on clearly understanding the business problem and defining desired outcomes.