Newsletter | September 23, 2021

09.23.21 -- What's Your Service Performance Score?

What’s Your Service Performance Score?

What’s your service performance score? Is your service team making data-driven decisions or are you relying on hunches and guesswork?

3 Ways To Win Customer Loyalty And Avoid Service Disasters

Do you want to prevent customer disasters ahead of a negative NPS or service escalation? We know you do, but it’s difficult to do without deep insights into every aspect of the service lifecycle — from customer history and equipment information to workforce performance.

Prioritizing The Customer Experience: Medical Device Service Executive Roundtable

Customer experience has not always been front and center in medical device field service, but that’s changing. In today’s landscape, customer satisfaction is key to developing loyalty and driving revenue.

3 Tips To Help Appliance Providers Scale Quickly And Meet Demand

Appliance repair businesses are busy in 2021, and all indicators point to steady — or even above-average — demand lasting for the foreseeable future. Typically, high demand is great for business, but nothing has been typical about service in the last year.

How 5 Med Device Service Pros Led A Customer Experience Transformation

In a quest to maximize uptime for customers balancing patient care and revenue goals, industry leaders are evaluating the way that their medical device and diagnostic organizations provide service. A recent analysis of medical field service benchmark data revealed three major trends: higher-than-average service costs, a growing workforce skills gaps, and increased service delivery hurdles.