Article | May 6, 2016

What's The Best Cellular Network For Your M2M And IoT Job?

Source: KORE
IoT Network

By Alex Brisbourne, KORE

Demystifying the role of LTE

When it comes to LTE, a connectivity choice that’s been perceived to be mainly for emerging, high-bandwidth M2M – and impractical for traditional applications – the landscape has changed. KORE has always advocated that customers choose the best network for the job, and today’s LTE is more a matter of pure pragmatism for anyone relying on M2M to handle any aspect of their business. Here’s why.

There are five parameters that always go into our counsel around network selection:

  • Coverage
  • Spectrum requirements
  • Cost of devices
  • Recurring cost of airtime
  • Latency and throughput needs