Article | September 28, 2017

4 Ways IoT Further Revolutionizes Fleet Management

Source: KORE

By Neal Toso, Senior Product Manager - Advanced Applications, KORE

Field Service IoT

It could be asserted that fleet management is a perfect illustration of how IoT can create efficiencies and reduce overhead. Vehicle scheduling, driver and vehicle tracking, routing, and load management are just a few examples of IoT revolutionizing how carriers do business.

Early fleet IoT adopters enjoyed distinct market advantages. However, we have reached a point where utilization of IoT is not really a differentiator – it is now a necessary means of remaining competitive.

As is the case with any technology, innovation and advanced uses are never far behind what is currently available. IoT will continue to revolutionize how carriers operate, and we expect the four following trends to have a significant impact:

More sensors in new places - Beyond basic fleet tracking, we are seeing more and more innovation around sensors that collect a wide range of vehicle data. Think about all of the ways a truck can be sidelined – the list is practically endless. Vehicles can now be connected to gauge something as simple as tire pressure and as complex as fuel efficiency. This allows carriers to be more proactive in how and when they service vehicles to extend their life, limit time off the road, and improve safety.