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trigyn crm
A company's IQ is dependent on the extent to which its IT framework connects, shares and formulates information
Are you looking to increase the collective IQ of your business? A company's IQ is dependent on the extent to which its IT framework connects, shares and formulates information. Incomplete, isolated software product applications and consequently data can at best produce discontinuous pockets of information. This leads to an ineffectual, incomplete business picture.

Trigyn Technologies introduces you to a whole new way of conducting "Intelligent Business".

Enterprise Contact Management or CRM is the world's first-to-market complete enterprise-wide customer relationship management system. The Trigyn CRM product is an end-to-end sales and marketing solution for your organization. It provides you with the tools to manage all facets of the sales and marketing functions - prospecting, opportunity management, quote management, collateral fulfillment, campaign management, etc. It also provides rich reports that indicate the "state of the business". The result - a highly effective sales force and happy customers.

We are looking to create strong, synergistic business partnerships with our clients, as opposed to just selling our products. Allow us to welcome you to your very own intelligent business enterprise.

  • Contact Management
  • Sales Integration
  • Product Management & Scheduler Management
  • Mail Interaction
  • Campaign Management
  • Template Management
  • Facsimile Interaction
  • Telephone Interaction

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