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03.20.19 -- Top 3 Use Cases For Enterprise Wearables

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Android In The Rugged Enterprise
By Thomas F. Heitman, Peak-Ryzex, Inc.

Mobility platforms in the enterprise space are currently undergoing a major transition for a number of reasons. For example, Microsoft has announced end of support dates within only a couple of years for mobile computer operating systems such as Windows CE, WM, Embedded Hand Held, and Windows 10 IoT. Once these dates are reached, existing devices with these operating systems will not receive patches/security updates from Microsoft, and extended support for existing devices will be left to the manufacturers. As a result, manufacturers are forced to release product with operating systems that will be supported long-term.

Top 3 Use Cases For Enterprise Wearables
By Marieke Wijtkamp, Librestream Technologies Inc.

In this digital transformation era, there is no shortage of technologies an enterprise can invest in to truly transform their businesses. One of these technologies includes enterprise wearables. Wearables within enterprise present an opportunity for more efficient, hands-free work, especially when integrated with augmented reality (AR) tools. With established hardware players like RealWear, Google Glass, and Epson as well as big players like Microsoft entering the market, building a use case for wearable devices is now a priority for enterprises.

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