White Paper

Three Practical AI Approaches For FSM

Source: IFS North America

By Marne Martin, President, IFS Service Management

U.S. CEOs See Greater Willingness To Use Artificial Intelligence: KPMG Survey

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will impact every industry and every business discipline—including field service management. But how quickly will practical solutions be available that enable the typical medium to large field service organization to take advantage of AI? And by practical solutions, I mean AI that delivers knowledge efficiently, processes solutions to complex data sets, and automates repetitive activities to allow human workers to focus on personalized service, solving complex problems and escalations, i.e. what people do best. In some cases, these easily applied solutions are still on their way to market.

In three specific areas, however, practical AI applications for field service are already commercially available as proven, commercial- off-the-shelf software delivering real business value.