Newsletter | April 30, 2020

04.30.20 -- There To Help You Navigate Uncertain Times

There To Help You Navigate Uncertain Times

Service powers growth around the world, and it is the engine that enables a swift and complete recovery in the face of social, environmental, and economic challenges. But when business-as-usual isn’t possible, it’s imperative that the systems, processes, and people that make up your service workflow are managed completely, effectively, and dynamically.

Get The Answer Before The Question Arises

The what-if scenario explorer (WISE) featured in this article means that your ideas can be thoroughly tested before you put them into practice. Using a wide range of 'what-if scenarios' you can enter any situation with the backing of a highly accurate prediction of the consequence of your actions. By testing before committing to a course of action you minimize your risk and maximize your profits.

Will Challengers Use AI To Overtake Leaders, Or Will Leaders Fend Them Off?

Trying to unseat a leader is hard for any company. This study looks at the state of challengers and their plans to use artificial intelligence and other technology to gain market share, and how leaders are preparing to defend themselves.

Understanding The Full Potential Of Best-In-Class Warranty Management

For a business to succeed in a world of increasingly powerful service technologies, getting warranty management right is the bare minimum. Forward-thinking firms take that a step further, unafraid to make warranty management another tool that they can use to gain and retain customers.

The Benefits Of Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is an often overlooked component of true field service excellence. Customer demands and business needs, alongside new technologies and channels for delivery, have added complexity to an already complex set of processes. Does your firm have the capabilities in place to maximize its potential?