E-Book | August 7, 2019

The Trailblazer's Guide To Field Service

Source: Salesforce

Everyone says customer expectations are getting higher each year. But you’ve probably noticed that people still appreciate the basics: fast scheduling, on-time arrival, personalized service, and first-time resolutions.

The trouble is, it’s getting more complex – and more expensive – to deliver these basics. That’s why forward-thinking companies aren’t just hiring more – they’re finding ways to bring out the best in their current teams.


Give your mobile employees the tools they need to fix more problems on the first visit. Salesforce Field Service Lightning is built on the world’s #1 platform for service. It’s designed to help your team manage all the challenges of delivering speedy, effective field service.

With Field Service Lightning, you can streamline the complexity of managing and deploying a mobile team. Fit in more appointments. Resolve field service calls faster. Track the health and performance of your team. And update your customers in ways that keep them happy.

That’s exactly what the four Trailblazers in Field Service Lightning mentioned in this e-book are doing. Each of these Trailblazers knows the challenges of managing a mobile team that meets customer expectations. Read on to learn their secrets of service success – and how you can do the same with Field Service Lightning.