Newsletter | January 15, 2020

01.15.20 -- The ROI Of Digital Training For Your Mobile Workforce

From The Magazine
Customer Self-Service: The Increasing Use Of Tech Tools To Drive Customer Satisfaction
By Ivan Moore, Jolt Consulting

Self-service is defined as the use of technology tools that empower customers to address their own needs and help themselves without interacting with a live agent. These tools are two-way communication-focused, enabling such things as website interactions with FAQs and knowledge bases, chats with chatbots and/or live agents, verbal exchanges with IVR systems or virtual assistants, text and in-app messaging services, customer-facing web portals, and social media content and communities.

Featured Articles
How 3D Systems Closed Their Service Skill Gap
Submitted by Aquant

3D Systems needed to dramatically change their service organization to meet their customers’ needs so they implemented a service intelligence platform to deliver data-driven insights to the entire customer-facing service team, empowering them to perform better and solve issues faster.

The Digital Enterprise Ecosystem: Augmented Reality Spotlight
By Eric Abbruzzese, ABI Research

Novel technologies and markets share very similar patterns: a hype cycle, followed by a steep decline as realistic barriers and obstacles become more apparent, ultimately followed by substantial growth as those barriers are overcome. The speed at which these new technologies and markets catch on is based on an amalgamation of near infinite factors, with the fastest growing opportunities often the ones with the most objective, understandable value in usage outweighing and outpacing those barriers.

Connect Your Entire Mobile Workforce With Field Service Lightning
Submitted by Salesforce

In this demo, learn how Salesforce helps transform the agent and customer experience in the field to drive satisfaction.

The ROI Of Digital Training For Your Mobile Workforce
Submitted by Venado Technologies

Ensuring your firstline workers are properly trained on your digital apps is difficult, to say the least. Antiquated methods like one-and-done classroom training aren’t effective. Archaic training tools such as powerpoint decks don’t get the job done, and downtime associated with taking workers out of the field — is simply not an option.


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