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The New Rules Of Field Service Management: The Technology To Help You Win

Source: Oracle
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Field service managers are being asked to boost productivity, control costs and increase customer satisfaction—without cutting corners on safety and quality. If all of that wasn’t enough, the main goal of optimizing service efficiency remains.

To increase customer satisfaction, service businesses have implemented a variety of different strategies. Those with the size and budget to sustain a very large-scale operation have added more mobile resources on the ground and more trucks in the field to ensure that all jobs are fulfilled. However, this comes at a cost. The increased capacity can be underused, which leads to diminishing margins—potentially turning a profit center into a cost center.

In an effort to control costs and boost productivity, some service businesses are giving existing field teams a heavier workload, assuming that they will simply work harder and faster to get all of the jobs done. This can have a significantly negative impact on service levels, employee morale, and first-time fix rates as mobile employees race from job to job. Additionally, it could increase costs if miles driven between jobs escalate and employee overtime balloons.

For the majority of field service organizations, these are not realistic tactics; nor do they address the challenges of providing excellent customer service in an increasingly expectant world. The better option is a cloud-based field service management solution integrating mobile resources, customers, and technology – helping to address both corporate directives and ensure the success of the field force.

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