White Paper

The Importance And Benefits Of Automatic Technician Scheduling

Source: IFS North America

The challenges

Deciding which technicians to assign to service orders, and when to schedule and dispatch them can be a tricky if not complicated process. Consider these multiple influencing factors:

  • Which technicians have the training, skills, certifications, or even security clearances required to work on the item needing service?
  • Which of these technicians are nearest to the location where service is to be performed?
  • What are the technicians’ schedules? Which days, hours, shifts do they work? Are they on vacation, holiday, sick leave, in training, at meetings, etc.?
  • Is the equipment requiring service covered by a service contract, a warranty, or is the service billable on time & material basis.
  • What contractual response time, repair time, resolution time, or other service level agreement (SLA) commitments were made to the customer?
  • Which technicians will be free from other work and available to meet—or beat— those SLA commitments?
  • What is priority or urgency of the service request?
  • Is the equipment down and inoperable?
  • Is the customer requesting service a high value customer or critical account?
  • What is the most direct and cost effective route the technician should take to the service location?
  • Does the technician have the part(s) and tools they may need to service the equipment? If not, what is the nearest location where they can be obtained?

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