White Paper

The Impact Of Fleet Management Software On Driver Behavior And Operational Efficiency

Source: Verizon Connect
Field Service

Data is transforming the way businesses of all sizes make decisions that improve efficiency, productivity, customer service and, ultimately, profitability.

For companies that depend on fleets of vehicles and mobile workers, some of the most valuable data comes from fleet management software. This software monitors how vehicles are being operated and provides reports that translate that data into actionable insights. Managers of successful fleets use this technology to identify trends, establish benchmarks, coach behavior and examine changes over time to drive improvements in operational efficiency, risk reduction, profitability and driving behavior.

Putting our data to use

As the world’s largest provider of fleet management software, Verizon Connect has unique visibility into the activity of America’s commercial vehicles. Every day, billions of data points from millions of connected commercial vehicles move across our network, and we can use this data to gain valuable insights into the ways businesses are driving improvements.

In this report, we will identify the trends that arise from an analysis of report utilization by 720 fleets comprising 27,347 vehicles in the United States. The results show how these businesses are making improvements in driver behavior that can have a direct impact on safety, cost control and operational efficiency.