Article | June 19, 2019

The Growing Skills Gap In Firstline Mobile Workforces

Source: Venado Technologies
Field Service 2018

Organizations with large field forces today face workforce challenges they haven’t in the past. Experienced workers are retiring, there are fewer skilled workers looking for jobs, and firms are struggling to maintain essential organizational knowledge during this shift. This blog examines the growing skills gap and explains how technology can address this problem.

Today’s job market

Workforce conditions today pose a unique challenge for organizations with large firstline workforces. Near-historically low unemployment rates mean there are fewer workers to fill open roles, especially skilled workers. Meanwhile, workers who have been on the job for decades and have vast experience are retiring, leaving an enormous skills gap for many field operations teams. In fact, 70% of service organizations expect to be burdened by the knowledge loss of their retiring field service workers in the next 5-10 years.

To meet market demand to replace those aging service and support workers, an additional 2 million workers will be required by the year 2021. Without skilled workers to fill those positions, companies are hiring inexperienced workers right out of school. These workers need lots of training to learn the job and are lacking veteran mentors to help with onboarding and sharing critical organizational knowledge and expertise