Newsletter | June 30, 2022

06.30.22 -- The Field Service Manager Feedback Dilemma, And How To Solve It

The Field Service Manager Feedback Dilemma

Field service managers need data to coach their teams in order to continually improve their service levels. But a quarter trillion surveys a year are causing record survey fatigue and, as a result, field service programs are failing. The results are lower quality feedback laced with complaints, which carries the threat of killing employee morale at a time when service expectations are higher than ever.

What Will 2022 Bring For Those In Service Industries? 5 Areas Of Focus For The Year

As we’ve learned over the past two years, predictions aren’t always easy to make, and the path we expect to follow sometimes takes us on a significantly different journey. This hasn’t been truer than the total disruption we faced in 2020 and the pandemic’s continuing impact on our world. But nonetheless, we still see the beginning-of-year “top trends” and “predictions” blogs infiltrate our LinkedIn feeds and inboxes. Some present realistic, almost inevitable, predictions and others tell tale of futuristic technologies that are far beyond the next 12 months.

Where Servitization And Sustainability Converge

Whether you’re feeling the pressures of legislative change related to sustainability initiatives or simply have a commitment to making a positive impact, servitization is a lever to explore. However, even if sustainability isn’t a key driver for you at the moment, understanding how servitization based strictly on the business decision will have an impact on sustainability is interesting to explore and important to understand.

Are Your Competitors Winning The Servitization Race?

Servitization leads to greater revenue and growth, according to this 200-respondent study from IFS, and greater levels of servitization bring greater business benefits. In this white paper, you will find research on the servitization of product-centric companies and the technologies behind this digital transformation.

5 Key Technology Considerations To Optimize Operations And Accelerate Growth

Now more than ever, service providers are pressured from all sides — from a shortage of skilled field techs, to reducing operational costs, meeting rising customer expectations, and providing new differentiated outcomes-based contracts. Leading businesses need to think carefully about how they manage their field service operations and the type of technology they invest in.