The Field Service Engineer Of The Future

Source: ServiceMax
 How To Future-Proof Your Business

Field service is finally getting its due tech makeover with disruptive technologies from the Industrial Internet. Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and drones are changing field service today. 

Improved management, delivery and monitoring is driving greater productivity, happier customers and increased revenue. While these advances are enabling outcome-based business models, there are still challenges that require thoughtful planning to solve – particularly in regards to skills. 

Whether it’s data analytics, augmented reality or remote mentoring in the field, service technicians will need different skills than yesterday’s simple break/fix mentality. Analysts predict that service techs will need to focus more on customer outcomes because increased maintenance efficiency will lead to fewer face to face customer interactions.

Join Mark Homer, Head of Global Customer Transformation, as he discusses with you how to transform today’s technicians into the new service engineers of the future in this on-demand webinar.