Article | November 8, 2016

The Customer Is King, But Is Your Field Service Management The Queen?

Kristina Flickinger, Enterprise Service Management Marketing Manager at IFS

By Kristina Flickinger, Enterprise Service Management Marketing Manager at IFS

The survival and growth of a service organization are dependent upon its customer-focus and the right field service management software.

You know the age old saying, behind every great man is a great woman? The phrase itself is controversial, but it can be applied to field service if you think of it in the right context. In order to apply the right context, though, we need to drudge up another corporate cliché, “the customer is king.” While this statement, too, might be a bit controversial and disputed, it is also proving to be true in business these days. In fact, customers are indeed the cornerstone to business success, and service organizations that recognize this have a better chance at market share than the laggards.

So… back to our clichés. If the customer is king, and behind every great man (or king in this case) is a great woman, in our analogy, your field service management (FSM) software is the woman. How so? Well, your FSM software should power your service delivery. It should enable you to connect to your customer in the best, most effective ways possible. It should empower your technicians to provide service excellence and it should give your organization the essential real-time feedback needed to continue to delight. Does it?

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