White Paper

The Customer Experience Revolution in IOT: From Data To Action

Source: ServicePower
A Hype-Free Look at IoT

Earning customer loyalty and developing a rewarding customer lifetime value pays dividends in today’s competitive landscape. As a result, service delivery is more than some siloed customer self-service tools and reactive customer service, which rely mainly on the customer to initiate the action and therefore leave opportunities to generate revenue in the customer’s, or a competitor’s, hands … not yours.

Is your customer experience journey the differentiator it needs to be for you to take the lead over your competitors?

Studies indicate that the customer experience journey is no longer dictated only by the organization and what they choose to offer. While cost-containment and productivity are useful internal metrics, they rarely drive the evolution of positive customer relationships. Customers are demanding customized, transparent – and perfect – interactions, and if they don’t get what they want, they are taking their budgets to the company that make and deliver on that promise.