White Paper

The Connected Service Business

Source: IFS North America

By Tom DeVroy, Senior Product Evangelist, IFS in North America

Field Service IT News For VARs — December 26, 2014

Service providers face real challenges. They must ensure on-time performance of mission-critical tasks while optimizing remotely-deployed workforces. A new wave of technologies and increased pressure to provide excellent service are forcing the field service industry to adapt. This will continue as customer expectations increase and industry competition continues to grow. Is your service management solution preparing you for what’s next?


Now more than ever, the customer drives expectations. The world has been made smaller thanks to social media and connectivity in general. Experiences are more important than ever as a customer has multiple channels available to complain if things go wrong. Continual customer engagement is imperative in this new, fickle market flooded with competition.

Customer engagement means building a digital experience where the customer is enabled to solve problems, acquire solutions, request service and maximize their investment as they acquire the product or service you offer. This connection ultimately results in an overall customer experience. For many customers, customer engagement is based on feelings and emotions. The ability to deliver what is promised to customers, maintain value for, prioritize and understand customer behavior are the foundation of generating a positive experience. Service management solutions that can facilitate customer engagement to improve revenue and increase operational efficiency are of great value to service organizations.