Case Study

TH Hill Gets The Big Picture With Field Service Management Solution

TH Hill

With a dispersed workforce being managed across a multitude of projects worldwide,TH Hill found itself faced with a number of challenges in accounting for its resources’ time and activity. Prior to implementing IFS Field Service Management, every step in managing a resource from dispatch to reporting, to invoicing and billing of the customers, was a disparate process with no standard workflows or controls. As a result, the company had to replicate data across myriad homegrown databases. In addition, and because TH Hill has experienced strong growth rates over the last five years, these manual systems were not able to scale appropriately.

TH Hill set out to find a better tool, one that would automate and unify many of these processes, as well as integrate with the company’s existing accounting software.The company needed a scheduling board, a way for employees in the field to easily add time and expense information, and the ability to manage multiple tasks within the scope of a single project. And with its international customer base, it was also crucial that the solution seamlessly manage foreign currencies. TH Hill found that IFS Field Service Management met its needs across the technology, functionality, and customization. The company’s IT staff appreciated the flexibility of the IFS database.This was important because in big drilling operations, missing a day can mean hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars wasted if TH Hill was unable to perform at its peak. The company uses the IFS Field Service Management solution predominantly to keep track of resources in the field and to note who is available, and when.

Read the entire case study to learn more about how IFS helped TH Hill streamline operations.

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