Case Study

Texas Turf Management Uncovers The Hidden Costs Of Doing Business

Source: GPS Insight
Texas Turf Management

Texas Turf Management is a full-service commercial landscaping company in Houston, Texas specializing in customized maintenance plans and irrigation installation. With an acute attention to detail, craftsmanship, and customer service, Texas Turf Management has been operating for over 15 years and now maintains a fleet of 15 vehicles.

Business Challenge

When maintaining a fleet of 15 vehicles, remembering when a vehicle needs maintenance – even something as simple as an oil change – becomes a challenge. Nolan Butterfras, owner of Texas Turf Management, provides some insight on their methods of tracking vehicle maintenance, “We would have a little board inside the office that we would write the miles and an approximate date on. It wasn’t very accurate record keeping because we only wrote it down if we remembered to even look.” Texas Turf Management needed a better solution to prevent missing important services to keep their fleet on the road. Not keeping up with preventative maintenance increases the chances of costly repairs which limit the amount of work that can be done while the vehicle is out of commission.