Article | November 5, 2018

5 Technologies To Enable Your Mobile Workforce

Source: ServicePower

By Laura L. Adams, ServicePower

Field Service IoT

When most people hear the words "Mobile Workforce" they think corporate guys with cellphones working with clients and on business trips. But when you get down to it, there is no workforce more mobile than field service. After all, your teams spend their days traveling from client to client providing on-site service to a dozen or more different locations every day. And you have every reason to equip them with the best possible mobile workforce technology to enable efficiency both when en-route in the vehicles and on site providing service to clients.

Today, we're here to talk about the five leading mobile technologies for a field service team and how they can enhance every aspect of the services provided to the customer.

Interactive GPS Navigation

Route planning is one of the most important steps in field service navigation. Both before your teams set out in the morning and re-routing in response to traffic or schedule changes. Consumer routing can't always help you dodge obstacles, find the fastest speed-limit route to your destination, or conveniently incorporate gas and lunch stops along the way.

The ideal solution is a navigation system that can accept routes sent from HQ and from nearby devices. This way, new routes can be intelligently planned and drivers can respond hands-free to the most recent navigation updates.

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