Article | August 1, 2019

Take A Cue From YouTube When It Comes To Training Your Firstline Workers

Source: Venado Technologies
Field Service Recruitment

Effective training for firstline workers is essential. As we explored previously, many companies fail to hit the mark on training their field workers. 

Utilizing mobile video is one solution to providing effective training to your field force—this blog explores why you should take a cue from popular video platform YouTube. 

How people are using YouTube

According to Pew Research Center, 51% of YouTube users say YouTube is very important for them to learn how to do new things, whether that’s how to make a certain recipe, fix an appliance, or anything in between.

Given how many people use YouTube, that equates to a full 35% of all U.S. adults who rely on the platform to learn new things. Further, if you take into consideration people who say YouTube is somewhat important for them to learn new things, 86% of users use the platform at least sometimes to learn new things. Why is this so important? Beyond the fact that video is so powerful, it’s a way to help people learn where they are, in real-time.