Case Study

Sysmex America, Inc. Achieves Leading Service Status With Service Management Solution

In 2003, Sysmex America made the decision to begin selling its diagnostic instruments directly throughout North America. In order to support its sales and field service teams they required a solution that would meet the requirements for their internal associates and clinical customers. Sysmex needed a solution that would give them the ability to track and manage service calls and dispatch field service representatives to customer sites. Being in an FDA-regulated industry also meant that the solution had to be compliant from a software perspective to capture information accurately and document changes. IFS Field Service Management Solution was chosen for its ability to meet and support requirements and customize the solution to the unique needs of the business. “Our satisfaction is really strong. We continually ask ourselves if it is the horse that we want to continue to ride after 10 years, and it is. It’s a product that is not only configured for our organization to do what we need it to do, but it does it the right way,” said Adam Brody, Director of Enterprise Systems at Sysmex America.

The initial implementation of the solution was done by the professional services team at IFS. Over the years that Sysmex has used IFS Field Service Management, they have gone through multiple upgrades. Most recently there was a major upgrade to the user interface. Users were able to get up to speed quickly with little training required due to the intuitive nature of the interface. The IFS professional services team aided in the implementation with a good plan and shared both project management and technical responsibility with Sysmex. “I don’t think we could have done it without their experience and their help,” Brody stated.

To read more and dsicover the benefits and results download this case study below.

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