News | September 13, 2023

Syncro Deepens Collaboration With Splashtop To Simplify Remote Access


Syncro, an all-in-one professional services automation (PSA) and remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform for managed service providers (MSPs), is now offering its partners enhanced Splashtop features as part of their new Team plan. Splashtop is a leading remote access and IT support solution that MSPs can use to consolidate their toolsets and support a multitude of unique customer environments. This partnership brings new functionalities that improve productivity and provide remote support to clients, all with a click of a button from the Syncro platform.

"This partnership demonstrates another way that Syncro helps growing MSPs reduce operating costs," said Emily Glass, CEO of Syncro. "Our aim is to set partners up for success with a suite of tools that are cost efficient and help them provide better support to their clients – this collaboration is another example of how we are living out our mission."

Partners can access an enhanced suite of Splashtop features through Syncro, including:

  • Instant remote control: Enjoy uninterrupted, high-speed remote connections to managed devices, irrespective of end-user presence. You can quickly troubleshoot and execute tasks just as you would in-person.
  • Easy one-click access: Initiate a remote session to assets with just a single click from within the Syncro platform, saving time and streamlining operations.
  • Enhanced remote session productivity: Transfer files, print, and engage with end users via chat while remotely connected.
  • Automated session logging: Auto-log Splashtop sessions in Syncro's activity history, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Increased efficiency with technician collaboration: Enable multiple technicians to remotely and simultaneously connect to the same computer, ensuring easy collaboration and boosting productivity.
  • Seamless multi-monitor support: Easily view multiple monitors of a remote computer with a true multi-to-multi monitor setup.
  • Enable end users to remotely access their work computers: Expand your offerings by purchasing end-user remote access licenses and enabling clients to work productively on their remote computers from anywhere.

"Our growing partnership with Syncro demonstrates our commitment to MSPs in delivering enhanced remote access solutions," said Mark Lee, CEO of Splashtop. "Expanding our remote access features within Syncro's integrated PSA and RMM platform allows MSPs to operate more efficiently and securely. We're delighted to collaborate with a company like Syncro that appreciates the importance of user-friendly, interoperable, and secure solutions for the MSP community.”

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About Syncro
Syncro's all-in-one PSA, RMM, and remote support software helps managed service providers run more efficient and profitable businesses. Pricing is refreshingly simple, with no contracts and one flat fee for all features. A technology company with a human heart, Syncro is committed to diversity, inclusion, and fair practices that benefit everyone—from customers and employees to the industry at large. Visit for more information or follow us on LinkedIn @syncromsp.

About Splashtop
Splashtop is a leader in solutions that simplify the work-anywhere world. Its solutions for hybrid work and IT / MSP remote support deliver an experience that is fast, simple and secure. Splashtop’s patented, high performance technology is capable of achieving 4K HD quality, multi-monitor support, and 60fps with ultra-low latency. Splashtop comes with advanced security features, broad device support, and responsive customer service. More than 30 million users, 250k businesses, including those in 85% of Fortune 500 enterprises, enjoy Splashtop products globally.

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