E-Book | April 22, 2021

Strengthen Your Field Service Management Strategy

Source: Salesforce

Get expert tips and best practices based on insights from over 4,000 global field service decision makers and professionals.

The strategic role of field service is not only here to stay — it’s strengthening. Customers are leaning on field service to help them navigate changing circumstances. At the same time, companies now view field service as a business-critical function that protects and builds revenue.

75% of decision makers at organizations with field service say it drives significant revenue for their company.

In the fourth edition of our “State of Service” report, we learned how field service teams adapted their organizations to support customers throughout the pandemic. They prioritized technology to ensure service continuity, from offering virtual visit options to optimizing site visits with automation. They adopted new requirements to keep everyone safe. And they relied on mobile workers for more than reactive maintenance; mobile workers now play a proactive role in driving revenue and improving customer retention. In fact, 85% of mobile workers today see themselves as responsible for customer retention.

To fulfill this strategic role, it’s more important than ever for field service to be connected with the broader organization. Access to data across the organization is essential to deliver the best customer experiences while remaining agile to changing circumstances.

This guide takes the findings from our report and offers the best practices that will help you prepare your organization for what’s next. I hope you find this content valuable and feel empowered on your journey to strengthen your field service management strategy.

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