Newsletter | September 29, 2022

09.29.22 -- Steps To Address Quiet-Quitting And Keep Workers Engaged

How To Prevent “Quiet-Quitting” In The Field Service Industry

Service organizations are already understaffed due to a labor shortage and a baby boomer retirement wave. “Quiet-quitting” could further impact workforce performance and the customer experience. With a little help from technology, service leaders can increase workforce engagement. Here’s how.

5 KPIs Service Leaders Need To Measure In 2022

You’re missing key details when you measure service KPIs in a vacuum. Instead, focus on a holistic view of your service organization. Change the way you think about KPIs. Increase visibility into every corner of service. Bridge the skills gap. Improve CS across the entire organization.

What First Time Fix Rate Can't Tell You About Service Performance

First time fix (FTF) is a standard KPI among service teams, but relying on FTF alone creates blindspots for service leaders. Instead of relying on hunches, Aquant went to the source — data from more than 6 million work orders to create the 2022 Service Intelligence Benchmark Report. Here are key takeaways illuminating why service leaders need to look beyond FTF rates if they want to gain insights into their organization's performance.

3 Service Industry Challenges That Are More Common Than You Think

Finding it difficult to achieve service excellence? You’re not alone. COVID-19 has accelerated the speed of transformation by several years. Some organizations are ahead of the curve, but the majority are struggling to keep up. Not to mention, we’re living in a world with a number of economic barriers and challenges: customer expectations have heightened, labor shortages continue to rise, and a recession is on the horizon. 

Three Reasons Why An AI investment Will Help Reduce Service Costs

Economists are predicting a global recession in 2023. How should companies prepare? One response is to cut costs across the board, scaling back on discretionary expenditures, reducing headcounts, or cutting digital transformation efforts.