Article | June 9, 2016

Staying Ahead Of Schedule – New Generation Of Optimized Scheduling Is A Game Changer For Field Service Companies

Field Service Scheduling

Being able to plan ahead can be the difference between winning and losing business. This is especially important for field service providers who can have thousands of customers whose business relies on operations to run smoothly every single day. Services need to be planned, scheduled and readily available to avoid delays, especially in the case of unexpected events. Tom DeVroy, Product Evangelist, Service Management at IFS, explains how optimized scheduling software can help companies prepare for the unexpected – and highlights one organization that saved nearly $3 million in fuel costs alone.

Despite advances in automatic scheduling technologies over the past couple of decades, some service organizations are still using manually intensive methods to plan and track their service workforce.

New technology, same old problem
These manually intensive methods to scheduling requires constant monitoring and frequent physical intervention – a time consuming process which is prone to human error, and costing from an administration perspective. 

More sophisticated software tools can take into account service technician skills, geographic locations and other factors to automatically assign and schedule service work. These applications may ease the burden of assigning and tracking service activities, but even these more advanced tools must frequently be monitored and manually updated as circumstances and service demands change throughout the day or week.

None of these tools are capable of producing a truly optimized service delivery schedule, one that instantly analyzes multiple criteria and constraints, to develop the most cost-effective and customer aligned service delivery possible – an automatic solution rather than a system requiring constant human intervention.

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