Newsletter | June 10, 2019

06.10.19 -- Solving The Millennial Skill Gap With AI

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Drive Efficiency With Intelligent Troubleshooting In The Field
Submitted by Microsoft

A field service engineer’s job can be a bit like looking for a needle in an enormous haystack. For example, trying to isolate the cause of a customer’s inexplicably high heating bill in the month of August. And for the longest time, companies made do, thinking the challenges of troubleshooting, such as scheduling inefficiencies and taking multiple trips to fix a problem were all part of the job.

Optimize Valuable Time And Resources With Augmented Reality
Submitted by PTC

Sysmex maximized instrument uptime and service efficiency with Vuforia Studio. Sysmex America distributes and supports automated in vitro diagnostic hematology, coagulation, and urinalysis analyzers, reagents, and information systems for laboratories and healthcare facilities throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Solving The Millennial Skill Gap With AI
Submitted by Aquant

Is AI the answer to the service talent crisis? Baby boomers are retiring from service jobs in droves, and they're taking their knowledge with them. Service leaders are struggling to hire, train, and retain the next generation of technicians and agents. How can they empower their millennial employees with the wisdom of their departing experts? 

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