Article | March 23, 2018

Six Enterprise Software UX Trends Affecting User Engagement And The Bottom Line

Making The Move To Agile Software Development

Enterprise software products have a history of being built around the business, with less of a focus on the individual user’s job functions and requirements. But research shows that for every dollar spent in user experience (UX) design, 100 dollars can be returned through increased productivity, reduced time spent navigating legacy systems and increased customer satisfaction. Advanced enterprise software products are already more configurable by the individual end-user to conform to how they work, streamlining day-to-day work. Emerging technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), voice activation and new ways to personalize enormous flows of data, will soon redefine the enterprise software user experience to the benefit of the bottom line, explains Katherine James, Vice President of Sales for IFS in North America.

Consumerization has raised the bar for what we expect of our B2B applications. A recent UserTesting survey found that user experience, once considered an afterthought of technology implementations, was now a top priority for everyone involved – from end-users to C-level executives.

An IFS usability study of over 200 enterprise software users also found a strong correlation between successful digital transformation and software usability. Respondents who said their enterprise software prepared them for digital transformation, for instance, were 400 percent more likely to say their enterprise software was very easy to use. However, 88 percent of respondents said, when they were faced with poor software usability, they would abandon enterprise software in place of Excel spreadsheets. Even more frightening, almost 46 percent of the middle-age demographic said they would consider changing jobs due to poor enterprise software usability.

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