Article | March 1, 2017

Simplifying IoT And M2M Deployments: Supply Chain Consolidation

Source: KORE
Supply Chain

By Norman Miglietta, KORE

Traditionally, IoT and M2M solutions consist of complex supply chain demands that require many different materials, parts, and vendors to manage. Even when deploying a solution consisting completely of off-of-the-shelf components calls for significant logistical coordination to account for procuring, provisioning, testing, and delivering connected devices.

At the most basic level, any IoT/M2M offering consists of four main components: the device, network, application, and connectivity management platform. Often times there are a number of sub-components associated with each of these depending on the scale and scope of the product and/or service being developed. When getting solutions to market, IT professionals and Product Managers are often faced with an organizational nightmare trying to identify, evaluate, and administer a number of unique supplier relationships to ensure a successful deployment.