Newsletter | March 18, 2020

03.18.20 -- Remote Expertise Helps Fight The Impact Of The Coronavirus In Field Service

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How To Improve Field Service Scheduling And Planning
Submitted by Salesforce

More and more, organizations optimize workforce scheduling and planning with technology and real-time data. As a result, organizations improve the customer experience, make better use of resources, and boost employee satisfaction and retention.

How To Transform Customer Service With AI
Submitted by Aquant

As we head towards a future where man and machine work side by side, here’s how to leverage technology that at its foundation can educate and empower — not replace — the workforce and deliver better customer interactions.

Business Management Software Greatly Improves Accuracy And Provides The Tools Needed To Compete
Submitted by ECI Software Solutions

Switching business software is far less about technology and far more about a hard dollar return on investment.

Remote Expertise Provides For Business Continuity As Global Enterprises Fight The Impact Of The Coronavirus
Submitted by Help Lightning

The coronavirus challenges global businesses as supply chains are disrupted, travel restrictions enforced, and the global economy is at risk of recession. It has become the biggest threat to the global economy in years, forcing companies to renew their focus on virtual team collaboration and remote workforce effectiveness.