Magazine Article | August 23, 2012

5 Reasons To Go Rugged

Source: Field Technologies Magazine

In today’s consumer influenced market, the decision to invest in rugged computing isn’t one that’s made easily. Here are some important considerations.

Making The Case For Rugged Mobile Computers

By Field Technologies magazine

The debate of the merits — and limitations — of rugged vs. nonrugged mobile computers is not new. However, in today’s world where consumerization of IT is so pervasive and developments like BYOD (bring your own device) so accepted — according to VDC’s most recent research, 35% of organizations currently have a BYOD policy with another 33% planning to roll one out — the challenge of justifying the expense of rugged mobile computing has intensified. One need only look at the increased penetration of iOS solutions in the retail sector to realize that this is more than a fad. While TCO (total cost of ownership) has often been upheld as the definitive metric by which the cost-effectiveness of any rugged or commercial-grade mobile computing solutions can be measured, its application in the context of today’s market conditions needs refinement — the debate has extended well beyond the traditional “I can buy three of these for the price of one of those.” VDC Research believes that a TCO model that focuses on the most powerful technical and operational cost drivers will provide customers with an accurate baseline from which they can make mobile and wireless investment decisions. However, an equally critical aspect of any successful TCO analysis needs to include the business elements of TCO. These include length of deployment/ replacement cycles, failure rates and causes, and opportunity cost of lost productivity due to device failure, to name a few. Through such a full analysis, organizations can determine the solution which will best serve their company.

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