E-Book | July 11, 2017

7 Reasons To Ditch Your Walkie-Talkies For Mobile Messaging Apps

Source: Zinc
Walkie Talkie User

Mobile is transforming how teams communicate and coordinate on the go.

Despite the proliferation of smartphones and communication apps, many businesses still rely on walkie-talkies to communicate. Why? Although it’s a decades-old technology, its ease-of-use is unparalleled by most modern software offerings. But what feature trade-offs does your organization make for the walkie-talkie’s simplicity? The answer might surprise you. Thousands of organizations with highly mobile teams, from hospitality to retail, and construction to field services, are benefiting from affordable, easy-to-use smartphone communication applications that boost team communication, while enhancing the customer experience and trimming operational costs.

This eBook explores how enterprise mobile messaging apps can provide a more robust, modern alternative to walkie-talkies. As we explore the advantages of enterprise mobile messaging, we’ll also touch on the drawbacks of walkie-talkies and additional considerations to take into account when maintaining this type of legacy communication hardware.