Newsletter | February 18, 2021

02.18.21 -- Predictive Service: From Objective To Reality In 2021

The Business Benefits Of Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is an often-overlooked component of true field service excellence. Customer demands and business needs, alongside new technologies and channels for delivery, have added complexity to an already complex set of processes. Does your firm have the capabilities in place to maximize its potential?

The Path To Sustainability Runs Through Service

Individual waste and pollution certainly have a greater-than-zero effect on the health of our planet. However, businesses, by virtue of their scale, have an outsized effect on our ability to impact our environment. While these organizations may not have a fiduciary duty to their shareholders to be conscious of their waste, they certainly have a duty to humanity. Many firms have chosen sustainability as a practice for that reason, but in reality, there’s not just a moral imperative but an economic imperative as well.

Predictive Service: From Objective To Reality In 2021
We know that predictive models eliminate or at least minimize downtime, reduce costs for both company and customers, improve customer satisfaction, and enable you to expertly orchestrate both your resources and assets. This is because you’re gaining insights into what will happen instead of reacting to what already has. Given all this potential, why haven’t we seen more companies master predictive service already?
Why Knowledge Management Demands Prioritization In Your Digital Transformation Journey

While knowledge management has long been considered “important” to some degree, its recent prioritization among service leaders makes sense when you pause to consider a variety of factors at play that are shining a light on the need for a strong knowledge management program. As you evaluate your knowledge management initiatives, here are three focus areas to keep in mind.

5 Steps To Future-Proof Your Field Service Workforce

Finding, attracting, obtaining, and retaining talent is one of the most complex challenges that field service organizations face today. The service landscape is evolving rather significantly as organizations adopt digital tools and embrace the move to outcomes-based service. With so many factors at play, is it even possible to future-proof the field service workforce? Not entirely, but we need to prepare.