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Optimal Field Service Workforce Management Involves More Than Optimizing Dispatch Schedules

Source: IFS North America
Optimal Field Service Workforce Management

There is a great deal of hype these days about the importance of optimizing dispatch and routing schedules for field service technicians. And there should be. Assigning and dispatching technicians using ideal scheduling algorithms and optimal turn-by-turn directions can yield tremendous gains in productivity, significant service cost reductions, and much happier customers – all of which have an appreciable positive impact on the bottom line. Most established and well- known field service management software vendors today offer some level of optimized technician scheduling and routing, either as native to their own application, or through a partnership with a specialized scheduling software vendor.

As important as optimal service delivery schedules are, they don’t guarantee overall optimized service in and of themselves. Many other details must also be evaluated and carefully planned and managed. Consider the following additional factors.

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