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How Smart Scheduling Improves Field Service Workflows
By Laura L. Adams, ServicePower

Keeping on schedule and showing up on time for service calls are important tasks for companies in the field service industry. By fulfilling these tasks efficiently, companies will boost their customer satisfaction and improve their daily productivity. In an effort to help, let's discuss how smart scheduling improves field service workflows.

Mobile Workers Take Note Of Tablets’ Handwriting Skills
Submitted by Xplore Technologies

Did you know that cursive has been dropped from the Common Core Curriculum Standards shared by all U.S. states? Yet handwriting is still the fastest way to write in this digital – or should I say mobile computing — age. And, despite being the most efficient way to capture data in long or short form, cursive has been replaced by typing — at least in mandatory school lessons.

How To Turn Your Field Service Operations Into A Profit Center
Submitted by Microsoft

Field service technicians may be the most overlooked marketing and sales resource you’ve got. After all, once you’ve successfully landed the account, who gets more face time with the customer than the tech responsible for installing and maintaining the customer’s solution?


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