From The Editor
Harnessing The ROI Of IoT
By Sarah Nicastro, editor in chief, Field Technologies

Schindler Elevator’s investment in IoT has contributed to a 37 percent reduction in callbacks and the ability to return equipment to service 22 percent faster than traditional troubleshooting.

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How To Monetize Services With IoT
By Marieke Wijtkamp, VP Marketing & Client Services at Librestream Technologies Inc.

Companies that successfully evolve their service models have an opportunity to monetize results from digital transformation and IoT strategies.

Dobler & Sons Becomes ELD Compliant And Gains Hidden Fleet Efficiencies
Submitted by Trimble PULSE

By choosing a more comprehensive fleet management solution to ensure compliance with the recent ELD mandate, Dobler & Sons has realized additional benefits to the way it manages it’s fleet and team of drivers.

3 Employee Retention Techniques For The Deskless Workforce
By Kristen Wells, Zinc

Three employee retention techniques that will help you better connect and support deskless teams so that they’ll want to stick around.

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