White Paper

Mobile Workers Are Becoming The Face Of Brands

Source: Salesforce

Customer Expectations are Driving Field Service to Leap into the 21st Century

Customers are pushing companies to keep up with the innovation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. With the lines blurring between B2B and B2C, companies need to re-evaluate their service strategies to adjust to a new type of customer and their elevated expectations.

This evolution is particularly evident in customer service departments, which are increasingly using bots and self-service to help customers get answers faster – whenever and wherever. However, in those instances when face-to-face service is required, mobile workers need to deliver the same level of engagement – and capabilities – as their office-based peers.

In-person service is a new competitive differentiator. Service leaders see opportunity to elevate their business and customer engagements through the mobile workforce, and are investing accordingly.

This research brief provides a snapshot of the state of mobile service, and what sets high-performing teams apart from their competition when it comes to moving from vision to reality.