White Paper

Mobile Connectivity: Adding Value To The Service Relationship

Source: ServicePower
Field Service Mobile Support

Digital connectivity has changed every aspect of the way consumers use and interact with products. The ability for devices to “talk” amongst each other, across platforms and functions, is becoming point-of-entry. Companies like Amazon are creating new revenue streams by enabling these kinds of conversations. Through products like the Amazon Dot, a refrigerator can proactively order more milk when the refrigerator detects that a consumer is starting to run low.

As this level of interaction amongst consumer products becomes more and more wide spread, this connectivity development is starting to emerge in meaningful ways in other important areas of a consumer life. Major OEM’s are beginning to recognize the connectivity gap that exists in the medical device sector. While these devices are often the most technologically advanced, the level of connectivity between patient, providers and suppliers is surprising low. This represents not only a great area of revenue growth for the specific OEMs but also for the industry that services them in the field. ServicePower’s new AI backed customer engagement solution is positioned to let field service providers capitalize on this opportunity.