White Paper

Meticulous Change Management: Precursor To Successful Scheduling Optimization Implementations

Source: IFS North America
Change Management

Service organizations, both large and small, are always evaluating ways to raise productivity, respond to customers more quickly, speed issue resolution times, trim service delivery costs, and more . . . all while boosting customer loyalty. This is true for all organizations that deliver goods or services to customers, whether those customers are consumers, retail outlets, hospitals, manufacturers, or a multitude of other businesses and industries.

In recent years, software solutions have emerged that are capable of creating and executing optimal service delivery schedules that are much more effective than those traditionally developed by human dispatchers and schedulers. This innovative software technology is especially relevant to the Field Service industry, where service response and resolution times, technician productivity levels, first visit fix rates, and more can have an enormous impact on service delivery costs and organizational profitability, customer satisfaction and loyal- ty, competitive positioning, and future revenue growth.