Newsletter | December 9, 2021

12.09.21 -- Measure What Matters: The 2022 Service Intelligence Benchmark Report

Beyond NPS: How AI Creates Memorable Customer Experiences

In the post-pandemic world, customer-centric service is critical. The service industry is driven by customer experiences. Do you have the insights to make them outstanding?

How To Secure Buy-In For Service Transformation Projects
While individual service projects need to be prioritized to help you hit department goals, it's not always easy to get a green light for funding. Get best practices that industry leaders use to gain budget and stakeholder approval for service technology investments.
3 Ways To Win Customer Loyalty And Avoid Service Disasters
Do you want to prevent customer disasters ahead of a negative NPS or service escalation? We know you do, but it’s difficult to do without deep insights into every aspect of the service lifecycle — from customer history and equipment information to workforce performance.
Ortho Clinical Diagnostics: Smart Proactive Service: Empowering And Supporting The Customer

Linda Tucci, the senior global director of technical solutions at Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, takes us through the journey of a new era in customer support. Emphasizing that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for every client, Linda explains why it’s crucial for customers to be able to flag issues as they build out their technology roadmap from vast global perspectives.