Webinar | September 29, 2016

Maximizing The Potential Of Every Field Service Interaction: Keeping Your Most Important Stakeholders Happy

Source: IFS North America

Did you know that over 50% of millennials will leave a service provider on the FIRST poor customer service experience if an alternative is available? With an increasingly technical savvy customer base, and rising competition; does the customer experience you deliver promote customer retention? Join Christine LaVoi, field service client success manager at IFS, as she analyzes the importance of the customer experience in the field service industry and discusses how simple changes to client interactions can improve their overall experience and ultimately, their loyalty. Through a series of leading customer examples, IFS will provide prescriptive guidance on how to proactively address customer requests and concerns and exceed customer expectations. If you are worried that poor customer satisfaction is driving your customers to your competitors’ doors, make sure to check out this on-demand webinar!