Article | August 8, 2018

3 Key Trends In Field Service Management

Source: ProntoForms

By Jacinta Sarpkaya, ProntoForms

Field Service Management

Throughout the field service management (FSM) space, there has been significant change in process as technology has evolved. From standardizing processes across regions to suit a higher level of service for customers, to the agility to update processes as regulations change or incidents occur, trends are appearing which point to the future of FSM, and how technology is changing how things are done in the field – and how important data collected in the field is to feeding that change.

Process Standardization

Process standardization is a critical element to the digital transformation of any organization. It is of specific importance to those in the field service industry.

Uniting service departments across multiple geographies with the aim to create a common delivery method and best practices provides organizations with the opportunity to create a higher brand standard and consistent quality of service regardless of where and who is doing the work.

But uniformity is not enough. Forcing everyone to work the same way across the organization will not meet the needs of the business or their clients.  Standardization needs to be contextual and dynamic to the environment and the real-world scenarios facing the tech or engineer. Standardization is only effective when it also allows for localized differences. Accommodating these levels of complexity and exceptions are a must to make for a more robust, sustainable and scalable process.